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Love Your Logo


The logo is one of THE most important elements in brand design & the first impression your business will make. So while logo design isn’t easy, it’s important to get it right and with this training, it is possible to learn to design a good logo even if you’re not a designer.

This training provides a strong foundation on the ins and outs of designing a logo as well as providing a look at how to think about color palettes for logos, and an inside look at professional logo design files to give you a better understanding of the process. In the end, you’ll leave with a greater understanding of the techniques, logo types, final files, and all the those intricate things that will make your design a successful logo.

Questions answered in this training include:

  • Is it even important to have a logo?
  • When should you design a logo?
  • What is the best program for designing a logo?
  • Do I own a logo that I design in Canva?
  • What types of files should I have for my logo?
  • What are vectors & why are they better for logos?
Digital Delivery

All products are downloadable or virtual. They will be delivered to the checkout email as a ZIP file with several files that might include:

  • A PDF with all Canva template links
  • Several image files (png, svg, etc.) that contain your illustrations, patterns, and elements
  • PDFs of learning material that may come with your Brand Kit

If you purchase a course, you will be granted access via your My Account page.

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