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Font Pairing Guide


An INTERACTIVE guide you can look to for font pairings that work!

Font pairings are listed by emotion and industry so you’re never stuck wondering if this works for what YOU do specifically.

Comes with 15 pages of instruction so you know how to pair fonts, what sizes to use, and how to use them in different applications.

If you want to just jump to the pairings, click a button to sort through this 85 page document with pairings listed by emotion and industry that will give you inspiration for your branding or next project.

A guide that will take the confusion out of working with fonts and give you your time back.

Because unless you’re a font nerd like me, you don’t want to spend hours combing through fonts trying to figure out what MIGHT look good only to find out it doesn’t.

Plus, all font pairings are created with Google Fonts, so you don’t have to worry about spending extra money on pricey fonts. 

BONUS: Not familiar with Google Fonts? Don’t worry my friend, the “How to use Google Fonts” guide will walk you through all of it so you can pair fonts like a pro!

BONUS: Get lifetime updates! Whenever this guide is updated, you will receive an email with your free update.

Digital Delivery

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  • A PDF with all Canva template links
  • Several image files (png, svg, etc.) that contain your illustrations, patterns, and elements
  • PDFs of learning material that may come with your Brand Kit

If you purchase a course, you will be granted access via your My Account page.

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