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Creative Seeds Annual Membership

$497.00 / year

The Brand Kits Membership is a very different kind of membership.

It is made up of the Brand Kits templates and assets as well as a learning component that happens inside of our group. Taken together, these two aspects of content creation make a recipe for success because they’re rooted in implementation. In this group you’ll not only find answers about the templates and brand design, but you’ll also learn how to design for your brand, be creative, and stay inspired.

It is these things that, taken together, make this a membership that you will not only use, but participate in.

About the Brand Kits Annual Membership

  • Plug-and-play Canva templates that are ready to use
  • Versatile templates that can be completely customized
  • Access $2400+ worth of customizable templates and assets
  • Access 275+ customizable designs, patterns, & illustrations
  • Membership group that fosters creativity, community and growth while building your brand
  • Weekly Voxer Office Hours to get As to your Qs
  • Regular template/assets/content drop
  • Reviews of your work so you can understand concepts and implement edits
  • Special workshops with additional experts
  • Access to me via the private community
  • Dedicated Voxer hours weekly for extra inspiration and guidance

Your Membership Includes:

  • Instant access to over $2400+ in Customizable Canva Templates
  • Instant access to the full Brand Kits Asset Library
  • Insider access to new Brand Kits template designs
  • BONUS: Private Design Coaching Community
  • BONUS: Free Access to Canva Tutorial Library
Digital Delivery

All products are downloadable or virtual. They will be delivered to the checkout email as a ZIP file with several files that might include:

  • A PDF with all Canva template links
  • Several image files (png, svg, etc.) that contain your illustrations, patterns, and elements
  • PDFs of learning material that may come with your Brand Kit

If you purchase a course, you will be granted access via your My Account page.

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