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Brand Clarity Bundle


The Brand Clarity Bundle is what you need when you’re looking to get clear on your business.
If you’ve ever experienced trouble with messaging or niching down, these are symptoms of not having clarity.

In this bundle, you’ll get access to a 25 minute workshop, where we discuss Brand Clarity and its relation to creating a good foundation for our businesses. We get into how skipping this step can lead to confusion, frustration, and more questions and problems down the line.

The solution is to “bake” our business with clarity and it’s made easier by using the accompanying Brand Recipe Workbook where you’ll be able to come up with your own Brand Recipe to follow and refer back to time and again.

In addition, you’ll get access to the 3 Steps to Get Clear on Your Brand Workbook, where you can start taking steps that’ll help you further that foundation in clarity.

Since I’m a fan of implementation, I have also included the Creating Your Mood Board Workshop since this is one of the steps you need to take to get clarity around your business. And so you have no excuses to implement, I’ve included a Mood Board template as well as a Style Guide template to make it that much easier.

The Brand Clarity Bundle Includes:

  • Creating Brand & Business Clarity Workshop
  • Creating Your Mood Board Workshop
  • 3 Steps to Get Clear on Your Brand Workbook
  • Brand Clarity Recipe Workbook
  • Editable Canva Mood Board Template
  • Editable Canva Style Guide Template
  • BONUS: Branding Roadmap
  • BONUS: Free Access to Canva Tutorial Library
Digital Delivery

All products are downloadable or virtual. They will be delivered to the checkout email as a ZIP file with several files that might include:

  • A PDF with all Canva template links
  • Several image files (png, svg, etc.) that contain your illustrations, patterns, and elements
  • PDFs of learning material that may come with your Brand Kit

If you purchase a course, you will be granted access via your My Account page.

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