What, exactly, is a Brand Kit?

A Brand Kit is a bundle of easy-to-use copywriting and design templates that help you create branded content for your business. Each kit includes copywriting resources and Canva templates that make the content creation process easier.

Do I need any software to use these?

As a matter of fact, you do. (But nothing fancy, we promise!) Brand Kits are designed to be used with Canva, a free online drag-and-drop design program. 

That being said, we recommend using Canva Pro (the premium plan) to get the full potential of these templates as it gives you the ability to source photos directly into your files, save multiple color palettes, upload fonts, and save templates among other cool things.

What if I’m not tech savvy? How do I use these templates?

Luckily, Canva is easy to learn and work with. And when you purchase a Brand Kit, you get bonus access to the Brand Kits Tutorial library. This library includes videos that will help you get started with things like setting up your kit and using the graphic and photo elements. 

Additionally, you can also check out the
tutorials in Canva’s Design School to learn how to get even more out of this amazing design resource.

Can I change the colors on the templates?

These elements were designed to work with the color palette established for each design. You’re welcome to add your own colors or change the colors of certain Canva elements that are customizable. However, you cannot change the colors of the provided assets (custom illustrations, patterns, or icons), which is why we offer them in multiple colors within the palette of each kit.

How do these Brand Kits get delivered?

Your Brand Kits will be delivered as a PDF to the email you used at checkout. You will receive a ZIP file with all your files and a PDF with links to the editable templates.

Whenever we update the Brand Kits, you will receive an email telling you there’s an update for the kits you have purchased.

Can I share my kit and its elements with friends?

Our Brand Kits and their elements are created for use by the person who purchased them. Please help us protect our hard work by not sharing these templates with anyone. Of course, you are welcome to spread the word about our products to your friends so that they can purchase their own templates and download their own elements.

Can I use the patterns and graphics in my kits to make products for sale?

Unfortunately, while these kits include patterns and illustrations that will enrich your brand, your purchase of these kits does not constitute a licensing agreement to use them on products for sale. If you are interested in our designs for these purposes, please get in touch with us at hello@brand-kits.com.

What do I do after I download the Brand Kit?

After you receive the ZIP file, you can start using your resources right away. Look for the PDF with all your links so you can get right into the templates to start creating. Make sure you visit the Brand Kits Tutorial Library to learn all about setting up your kit and working with your elements and resources.

What is your Refund Policy?

Due to the downloadable nature of these templates, we are not able to offer refunds as we can’t confirm that you didn’t keep a copy of our templates or any resources. However, we do want to make sure you’re absolutely happy with your purchase, so please reach out with any questions or concerns so we can help make it right: hello@brand-kits.com.