About Us

What are brand kits?

Brand Kits are the brainchild of business BFFs, Sarah Jane & Kimberly. They wanted to bridge the gap between DIY and professional copywriting and design by offering affordable plug-and-play copy + design options for solopreneurs, side-giggers, and small business hustlers who aren’t designers but still want a beautiful brand.


Kimberly Costa

Hey there, I'm Kim.

I'm the design half of Brand Kits.

After working as an animator for big name studios like Nickelodeon & Cartoon Network, I discovered a love of design and illustration.

For the past 17+ years, I've been designing brands and websites as the owner of Delightfully Designing. I truly believe that everyone deserves a beautiful brand that grows their business, regardless of budget or experience.

Brand design just lights me up!

Sarah Jane Burt

Hey y'all, I'm Sarah.

I'm the copywriting half of Brand Kits.

I have nearly a decade of experience as a copywriter and content strategist for brands big and small. As the founder of The Content Collective, I love helping entrepreneurs connect authentically with their audiences through creative content.

I've found clever ways to pull the "inner writer" out of anyone... even you!