Lettering for Logos

Explore what lettering for logo design can look like for you and how it can add a whole new tool to your arsenal. Lettering will make your logos stand out as they are completely unique and in this course we go through the process from start to finish!


Sister Palettes

Sister or Mother-Daughter Palettes are very useful when you need to brand a product, program, or membership that's within your brand but you want to stand out on its own. In this course, we'll explore the subtle nuances of creating a sister palette.


Love Your Logo

The logo is one of THE most important elements in brand design & the first impression your business will make. So while logo design isn't easy, it's important to get it right and with this training, it is possible to learn to design a good logo even if you're not a designer.


Brand Clarity Workshop

In this workshop, we discuss Brand Clarity and its relation to creating a good foundation for our businesses. We get into how skipping this step can lead to confusion, frustration, and more questions and problems down the line.


This workshop provides a high level overview on exactly what I have done to grow my own list. Learn what a list is as it regards to your business, why it's necessary, and how to get a jump on getting it started.

Color Workshops

This is a collection of Color Workshops where real life color palettes were being worked on and reviewed. I walk through the palettes and give in-depth information on why a they might not work as well as suggestions on how to improve it and examples to help you understand what a powerful tool color can be for your business.

Brand Foundations

This course contains foundational lessons about Branding and how to make it work for your business. These lessons are the ones you should focus on when you're starting out so you can build a business that can scale.