Created in 2016, Creative Fabrica is a fast growing start-up that helps make art available to everyone. With just under six million products available, Creative Fabrica aids in helping artists discover and purchase digital assets, thereby creating a community of crafters who are honing their creative skills. With subscription services, discount deals, freebies, and daily gifts, nothing should be holding you back from finding your creative purpose! Here are five ways that Creative Fabrica can help you discover your creative outlet:


We’ve all heard that “words have power,” but Creative Fabrica takes that saying up a notch by offering over 103,000 fonts to choose from so that the words in your project deliver the impact they deserve. Whether you’re looking for script for a delicate project, a display font for something eye-catching, a decorative font for a seasonal project, or even dingbats fonts for doodles that make your words pop, Creative Fabrica has you covered! 



If you weren’t impressed by the amount of fonts offered by Creative Fabrica, then you will be blown away by the amount and variety of graphics placed at your fingertips. Creative Fabrica has a little over 5.5 million graphics for you to choose from! The amount of projects these graphics can be used for are limitless. There are graphics for a variety of craft projects, including coloring books, home crafts, and paper patterns. Aside from these, Creative Fabrica also offers graphics for logo designs, KDP (kindle direct publishing), photoshop actions, scene creator mockups, and even teaching materials available! With this type of selection, there’s no excuse when it comes to developing your inner graphic artist. 


The Craft Club

Perhaps the greatest offering is The Craft Club, which is the “ultimate resource” for all of your crafting needs. As a member of The Craft Club, you are given unlimited access to craft resources, all of which include a commercial license – meaning they are yours to use for as long as you want! Craft Club members also have access to designers who can help create a design you are visualizing but struggling to create. With new designs added daily and the ability to cancel your subscription at any time, Creative Fabrica makes it easy for any crafter to build their dream career.



Not only does Creative Fabrica offer products to support you in your current creative endeavors, but they also offer a variety of online classes to help you further develop your craft or learn something entirely new. These classes are taught by experienced artists and are free to All Access subscribers. Classes range from beginner to advanced, and the variety of classes and class lengths offered means you are guaranteed to find one that not only fits your passion but also fits your busy lifestyle. This means that there is no reason to put your creativity on the back burner! 


Deals & Daily Gifts

Creative Fabrica stands by their belief that art should be accessible to all by offering a multitude of deals and gifts to help people afford to achieve their goals. They offer a variety of fonts and graphics for only $1. If $1 is still too steep, Creative Fabrica also offers “freebies” where you can get premium files for—you guessed it—free! And, these freebies still come with a commercial license. Along with the 164,000+ freebies offered, Creative Fabrica also offers daily gifts of free fonts, crafts, and graphics every day. 

As you can see, Creative Fabrica presents a lot of options for creatives to build their business, whether it be for home crafts, publishing, graphic design, or even teaching! All of this is done at an affordable rate, allowing art to be accessible to all.

Learn more about Creative Fabrica and register for the Creative Spark Summit to participate in their offers and giveaways for the event!