If you are involved in a start-up, small business, or run a podcast or a blog, chances are you have heard of Love from Mim, “the planner girl.” Mim coaches clients to achieve their goals through a variety of means. She has so many talents that it can be difficult to choose! But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with five surprise services you’re gonna love from Love from Mim!

Start Your Own Sticker Shop

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own sticker business but didn’t know where to begin, Mim’s Free Masterclass: Creating Stickers that Sell is a great place to start! After this free 60 minute class you’ll be able to:

  • Avoid the 3 BIG mistakes new sticker makers and shop owners make
  • Know what essential tools and equipment you need to get started (so you can have your dream sticker boss business!)
  • Come up with sticker ideas that people actually WANT to buy (even if you’re not an artist or designer)
  • Know the quickest way to discover the stickers that sell and stand out on Etsy and make sales daily

Plus, Mim also offers a free gift just for watching the class! How’s that for motivation?!

The Co-Work Club

Does the following sound familiar? You work from home, either running your own business or as a freelancer. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep high levels of output. Mondays get filled with procrastination stations, your house gets cleaned and no work gets done, lunches seep into your workload while you watch two 45-minute Netflix specials. If this is you, then Mim has got you covered with her Co-Work Club. She teaches how to create schedules, batch time into listings and graphs, create content systems, and get laser focused on what really matters.

The Paper Planner Club

Mim is known as ‘the planner girl’ for a reason. She set up a world of paper planners to help small business owners and freelancers organize their work and have smooth, effective work weeks. The Paper Planner Club app is a great way to organize all of your plans into one handy mobile app. Within the app, users can listen to planner podcasts, get journal prompts, and get special offers, planning tips, and hacks.


Mim has a multitude of planning and assistance courses that you can choose from, ranging from a variety of sticker courses, like the Sticker Plan, to help you lift your new sticker business off the ground to planning workshops and ‘printables’ worksheets. They range from $0 for the free sticker class to $247 for her complete Etsy course plan, and everything in between. All designed to help you learn, create, and monetize!

Work with Mim

Mim also offers bespoke online coaching for individuals or group coaching. She offers 1:1 counseling and private consulting, as well as Voxer support. She offers access to weekly 60-minute zoom coaching calls every week for three months. In these calls, you can voice your issues, ask questions, and get audits and reviews to help you take the next positive steps for your business.

With countless great reviews online from satisfied customers, Mim has helped many small business owners reach their potential through her friendly approach to business. There are countless ways that Mim can help you move your business to the next level. All you have to do is pick one and get started!