Some people love crafting alone, but nothing quite beats feeling the support that comes from a community of crafters with similar interests. Stamp Me Some Love, a company specializing in card making, was created by Brandi Mahon, your “crafting BFF,” and the company truly does makes you feel like you have a best friend walking alongside you on your crafting journey. Here are four ways that Stamp Me Some Love acts like a true best friend and helps you build your card making business from scratch. 

Tutorials and Classes

Do you consider yourself a crafter but get stuck on how to execute your ideas? Or, do you craft for fun but have dreams of turning your hobby into a substantial career? Stamp Me Some Love offers a wide range of tutorials and classes to help teach you new skills, along with links to purchase all necessary supplies—making it easier than ever to develop your card making skills. Stamp Me Some Love also offers classes to help grow your business, such as classes that focus on creating profit, mastering WordPress, or creating a blog. This is definitely a one-stop shop for making your card making dreams come true!


After investing in tutorials and classes, there’s very little doubt that you will have the crafting skills needed to pursue your card making passion. But what if you still find yourself stuck on where to start? Stamp Me Some Love offers an entire category of card making inspiration for a variety of different events, such as anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, and everyday. These ideas are presented with all the information needed to replicate them or something similar, including links for all the supplies needed. 

Crafty Deals & Steals

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Especially as a crafter, when one project could require multiple tools and supplies, it’s always a relief when you have the opportunity to save on some, if not all, of your purchases. Stamp Me Some Love offers an extensive page of “deals & steals,” including deals from many well-known companies and sites, such as Amazon,, and Cricut. The best part about this directory is how it introduces you to new aspects of card making that you may not have considered trying otherwise – such as working with SVGs, stamps, and embellishments. It’s like getting swept away in the aisles of a craft store, all from the comfort of your own home!

Stamp Me Some Love offers multiple ways to help grow your card making hobby or business. Whether the focus is on finding a community with similar interests, trying new techniques, or discovering awesome deals, Stamp Me Some Love has what you need to take your card making to the next level.